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YuYu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Review

It’s a little strange that we’re rechecking a game that seems to be traveling the U.S. for almost an entire year, but since the nice PR guy Atari sent us the game, it’s just polite that we treat it like anyone else. Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament is a popular comic book video game (I can’t say the name sounds itself) and brings the One vs One action that is featured in the show to PlayStation 2.

The most impressive part of the game is the rather authentic graphics. From the research I have done and have scoured the internet to find a few images from The TV show, it is clear that the game looks good. All the characters and environments are brilliant, as are the super Moves, but the presentation is disappointed by rather bad animations. It’s a pity, but Fans of the series will probably still appreciate the details in the characters.

The Audio is also good, with the voices from the TV show pronouncing the characters in the game. While I’d like to say it’s brilliantly authentic for the show, I can’t say for sure as I’ve never seen it before, but it seems perfect for the game and the characters. The sound effects and music of the game also blend well with the Action and complete an impressive presentation.

If the games were just about presentation, Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament would do pretty well, but unfortunately that’s not the matter. The controls have serious problems that could also ruin your enjoyment of the game. Special Moves are incredibly difficult to pull, with the Game seemingly ignoring Your Keyboard Shortcuts. It takes a lot of practice to learn the moves, and even then you can’t perform them as easily as you want.

Combos are just as problematic and often cause more damage than good. Combined movements cannot be interrupted and temporarily take control away from you. Your opponent can then get you out with their own little Combos, pounding the controller keys hoping you’ll gain some control before it’s too late.

The game features the usual modes that can be seen in a wrestler, with the two story modes being the most interesting for Fans. Here you play a series of chapters, complete various tasks and will be rewarded with recent Clips from the show. The Gameplay still suffers from the problems with the action system, but this is by far the most fun part of the game.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament clearly has an audience in mind and for its Fans, the game at least provides the presentation front. Cartoon-passion children will undoubtedly enjoy playing like their favorite characters, but even the most inexperienced gamer will recognize the shortcomings of the action system after prolonged play. Inveterate Fans can praise the game because they know they can appreciate the quality of the presentation, but everyone should stay clear.

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