My Fit Games Action Game The Incredible Hulk Game Review

The Incredible Hulk Game Review

If there has been a game that has been played as you imagine, it is The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. The Incredible Hulk is known for his incredible strength and ability to do nothing wrong, and the game delivers on all fronts. Developed by Radical Enjoyment, the people behind the 2003 game based on the Film by Ang Lee, Ultimate Destruction is a whole other beast. They threw the Bruce Banner sections pretty bad, leaving what is essentially a constant stream of total destruction. The game has a main idea and leads with it and offers for the most part a joyfully entertaining gaming experience.

At the beginning of the game, Bruce Banner’s Hideout is finished by an army of soldiers led by NSA agent Emil Blonsky. While Bruce escapes, a machine he hoped would help find a cure for his Hulkness is finished and the game’s story is built. Emil Blonsky, as you may have learned from his strike on Bruce, hates all Gamma-erased creatures, but as he tries to extract abominable radioactive material from the remains of the finished machine, he is overflow with a massive dose of gamma rays. Bruce, as the Hulk, must look for items to rebuild the machine, while Blonsky, now erased by gamma, constantly tries to turn it off.

If you played Activision Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Destruction will be similar at the beginning. An open and free environment in which the superhero can walk around is presented to the player, but what they do there could not be further from the Gameplay found in Spidey’s game. There are two types of missions in the game: Story and challenge. Story missions must be completed to get through the game, but challenge missions can be attempted to earn more Smash points. Smash points can be used to buy new useful special moves against the most powerful enemies. In story missions, the Hulk mainly finish or protects objects, and challenge missions range from checkpoint races to long jump competitions.

A church outside the city Serves as a base, and the Hulk returns there to buy new trains and hand over all the items he finds in the city. From The Church, the Hulk can jump to different points of the city and the Badlands (a desert area with many military bases). When the story chapters end, the Church area also displays a boss action symbol that must be completed to advance to the next chapter. Boss action are the biggest challenge in an already challenging game and don’t depend as much on random destruction as standard missions. However, they are still great fun, and are often quite epic in size.

Getting around the city is a lot of fun. Hulk can reach a fairly high top speed, climb buildings and jump over long distances. Just running and jumping from roof to roof is extremely fun and doing it while fleeing an army of projectile striking Chopper strike is even better. The Badlands environment isn’t much fun, but it’s still fun, and the few other areas you visit after in the game mix things up a bit. Nevertheless, a few areas or a larger city would have given the game a little more variety. In some missions, the weather or Time of day changes, but the environments are essentially the same.

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