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Gungrave: Overdose Latest Playing Game

Some say the Japanese are crazy. Think of the game shows that maim competitors. Think of the incomprehensible TV commercials with chic and becks in aprons. Think of Japanese schoolgirls laughing at the wonder of cosplay in competition. Think of the coordinated multiplayer dance revolution…

Me ? I hoped that there was a big plan-a powerful program that the Japanese kept secret. In a hail of pirouette bullets, crashing columns and ever-reappearing mafiosi, my hopes were dashed. With each stroke of the square button, a piece of my heart fell into oblivion. The Japanese are crazy. Why? They are quite simple.

And I know because Red Enjoyment’s Gungrave: Overdose is sincere. And his sincerity is there. You will start the game and laugh a soothing laugh, because surely it is a joke. But little by little, as the story reveals itself, while the young Mika “somehow” revives the already dead grave (his words, not ours), we meet playable characters to unlock Juji (a spinner who cuts the sword in the same way) and Rocketbilly Redcadillac (yes, that’s right! who spreads the destruction from above with his guitar electric guitar, begins to change our laughter. I laughed with Red Enjoyment. Now, a contraction in my left eye, I make fun of her.

I feel like the story deserves a paragraph simply because it requires a suspension of faith that hasn’t been seen since Neo tried to jump out of this building. At the end of “Gungrave” of 2002, Beyond the Grave (that’s his name, but all his comrades call him Grave), an antihero of the undead genre, defeated the mafia family Millennion and buried the seed of the evil medicine deep underground. Grave then returned to passed away and normality (hah!) has been restored. Now, for no reason, the seed is back, and it is the task of the silent grave to bury it forever.

Madness, I’m sure you’ll all agree, but like Neo, let’s try the jump, and even if we fall, we’ve had an incredible journey, haven’t we? Wrong. Going through the opening tutorial, you quickly discover a number of things about Gungrave: Overdose that just aren’t right.

One: the gameplay basically boils down to a hammer strike (striking from the twin guns of Grave), an occasional melee strike (swinging the coffin of Grave casually tied to him with chains), and rocket strikes (you guessed it, from the coffin, bazooka style) on uninteresting bosses. It is R-type with the camera on the shoulder of a Japanese coffin mother.

Two: this is exactly the kind of game John Woo would make if Quentin Tarantino stripped off his body and received a budget of shoe strings. It is a manga fused with a shady madness of cells. The ridiculous story is told in anime sections that are actually quite entertaining in a Dragon Ball Z kind of way, but they just postpone your anger denigrating Pimples, which is basically what Gungrave: Overdose is.

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