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Full Review Of Outlaw Volleyball Remixed Game

Outlaw Volleyball Remixed for the PlayStation 2 is a port of the, now quite old, Xbox game with a similar name. Outlaw Volleyball came to Xbox in 2003 and was a fun arcade sports game, albeit a bit rude. Since then, several other games have honored the Outlaw series and things are starting to get a little boring. The fact that this port adds little new to the original game doesn’t help things.

If you’ve played the original or the recently released OUTLAW Tennis, you know what to expect from OUTLAW Volleyball Remixed. It’s a volleyball game, but you can use the turbo speed, perform super shots, action, hear rude humor, and watch scantily clad volleyball girls make their moms proud.

The actual gameplay is pretty decent, if a bit too basic, with most of the moves being recoverable. You can choose whether the computer AI should control your gaming partner or switch between them yourself. With the annoying camera angles offered, it’s often best to stick to a single player, but it’s up to you. It’s only when you introduce the super moves that things start to get a little hideous. At first, they seem much less effective than the on-screen presentation suggests, since the opponent returns the ball almost as regularly as a regular shot. The turbo also makes it difficult for players to control, so they mostly stick to the “realistic” default controls.

As with OUTLAW Tennis, you start the game with four characters to choose from. Their statistics are quite low, but playing in drill mode allows you to increase your skills. You can also unlock new players in Tower mode, with the last players having much more impressive stats. Drill mode is a kind of tutorial, test your service, advanced, shock and blocking skills with a series of small mini-games. There is a more formal tutorial, but it is only in the form of demo, so you have no form of interaction.

As “Outlaw Volleyball Remixed”, you can expect to see many extras not present in the original game. Unfortunately, this is not the matter. Although I can’t pretend to have unlocked everything in the original Xbox, all that seems new here are two additional shorts and a bunch of additional costumes. Combined with mediocre visuals (the Xbox version looked pretty sharp) and the same irritating sound, the remixed name reeks of rehash.

The Xbox game’s online play has made its way to the PlayStation 2, but that’s limited by the fact that only two players can play together (four would have been good) and that finding someone to play against is a challenge in itself. As with average games that involve online play, it hardly seems worth it.

You might be wrong if you think this is a new game because the visuals have none of the brilliance of the original Xbox and the new “find an Opponent Online” minigame, but you’d better browse Sky Sports for real action.

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